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    Feb 5, 2008
    I read an artical that talked about using "electronets" to keep chickens in a certain area. One is suppose to be able to move in fairly easily and keep chickens in a nd predators out. Anyone have any experience with this stuff. I love to hear how you think it works before buying it.

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    I'm ordering next week. My cousin told me about it and said it would keep my chickens safe from non-flying predators (racoons, possums, dogs, bobcats, etc) but not from flying predators (hawks, owls, etc). I'm ordering from Kencove - which she also told me about. She said it is easy to work with, takes 2 people to set up/move.

    I am wondering about being sure to provide shade. Would a plastic dog crate work for shade for my birds? I don't have trees in all areas of my yard.
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    It's great but be aware that

    a) you need a GOOD energizer for it (it is a fairly heavy load), and

    b) you need to either move it every few weeks during the growing season (to somewhere with shorter grass, or mow along where it goes) or spray Roundup etc along it as needed (personally I do not recommend this), as it doesn't take very much grass/weed growth at *all* to totally ground it out, and in fact it can get seriously stuck in place if you let lots of vegetation grow up into it.

    Also in a windy location you will need extra reinforcing, like tying back to extra T or step-in posts.

    I highly recommend Premier as a source (www.premier1supplies.com) they have EXCELLENT products, service and good prices; I have no experience with www.kencove.com but they do sell a similar product as well.

    You can set it up fine with just one person, although 2 does make it a bit easier/faster.

    About shade, unless you are in a cool-summer area and have only a couple chickens I would be really concerned about a plastic doghouse not being enough shade. You might need to construct a small moveable shelter - it would not have to be like a full enclosed tractor, just like what books or websites sometimes call a 'range shelter', sized down for your actual # chickens. You'd just have to make sure it would not leave during high winds.

    Hope this helps,

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    Jul 6, 2007
    I have an electric poultry fence if that is what you mean. I got mine from Wellscroft. ( I think I compared prices with Premier and they were about $50 cheaper). It does keep critters out including my DH when he is barefoot and accidentally touches the fence.

    It is about 3 1/2 feet, maybe 4 ft and it doesn't keep my chickens in, unless they want to be in, but I do believe it keeps things out. My DH says he saw coyote tracks around the perimeter of the fence the other day. I got the small one, 80 ft. I only have 5 chickens, but would recomend the larger one because it is easier to circle trees and brushy areas they like. I also got the solar charger. It was pretty expensive, almost $300 I think, but I move it and the moveable small coop I have, around the yard. The system works for me, but I wish there was a way to really keep them in when I want them in without clipping their wings.

    I agree that I would provide more shade for them than a plastic dog crate. maybe an anchored covered pop up tent or something else like that.

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