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Mar 8, 2011
Just had to share for I am sure others swore off collecting chicken stuff. As I have an embroidery machine ....I now started getting chicken embroidery designs...this was my first one. As my gals are known here as the Valley Chicks...went ahead and embroidered it too. I found the vintage style towels too....and stocked up on them. Then saw chicken theme USA made cookie cutters and could not resist.

Wanted to share for fun.


PLUS....I think I am now officially a fabricholic...my sewing room is looking more like a fabric store...recently added alot of chicken theme fabric too!
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I am also starting to collect some fabric but am having trouble finding chicken themed fabric for a decent price.
Do you know where I can get towels and fabric for a decent price. Store or online.
I usually buy online and recommend going to Quiltshops.com and then type in keyword (s) to find fabric. Sadly, many quiltshops have been closing due to the economy.
But can pick up some great deals. I have lost track as to how much fabric I have now not limited to chickens..lol. But I swore that I would not do it and start collecting...lol ...but could not help myself.
Once I get done with a baby quilt I will be working on something "chicken" .
PLUS....I think I am now officially a fabricholic...my sewing room is looking more like a fabric store...

Hehehehe ... join the club! My dad jokes that I learned to sew just so I could collect fabric like my mom does. Luckily for me, my husband saw my mom's fabric stash before mine "exploded", so when a new box showed up yesterday he volunteered to go out and sign for it. This is before he found out two of the cuts in the box were bought for him! He just asked if I was ready to go slice-and-splice his soon-to-be wool blanket ...​
too funny!

Actually had to move alot of the fabric upstairs and into the apartment that is above the garage. Some of it is even at a friends house since the last quilt that was done.
My weakness is cat fabric ...dog fabric ..especially Golden Retrievers. But now the CHICKEN themed fabric I could not resist. Chicken Christmas fabric, egg fabric, hen and egg fabric...on and on and on.. lol.

As the first grandbaby will be here in March I will be working on a quick panel type quilt before working on another that is a pieced quilt. Funny thing...it is not chickens but still BIRDS.
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