Emergencies `checklist' entry form?

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    Jan 27, 2007
    If this subject has been broached before, my apologies.

    I've been reading through the threads in the Emergencies subject line. Although there is a Sticky with questions that (when members supply the answers) assist those folks with the knowledge to help them, this is not often done (pretty understable as folks focus on the obvious symptoms and would those relieved ASAP). Though many problems are well understood and can be immediately addressed, others are not.

    I'm not certain that it is even possible or practicable, but a QA entry form might simplify, for those members who are best able to help, the process of assisting more members, in less time, as the most pertinent questions would have been answered and `appended?' to the initial post.

    Maybe a voluntary form (obviously not needed for acute traumas), even something like a copy/paste questionnaire that the knowlegeable member could edit for relevance place in their initial reply, or eggs like myself could post in full in order to move the process along (some satisfaction in doing something - and the answers would be available when the wise ones arrive).

    Anyway, just a thought,

  2. silkiechicken

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    That would be a good idea but might be a bit of a challenge to implement on the back end of the board so it shows up reasonably on the front page. Right now, the best thing members can do is copy and paste the list, and just answer the q' s. Interesting idea though.

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