Emergency 4 week old chick not well

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    Ok so this is "brave heart [​IMG] " he was the first chick I got under a broody hen the others I could sneak them in. ( the landlords did the next night) as the belong to them. Brave heat had half his face peak at by mum on day one. She is Head hen is a bit rough & a bit of a bully and this is the first time she's ever had chicks I don't think she meant to hurt him/her she was just a bit rough but he survived and four weeks on Up until yesterday has been running around the backyard happy and healthy. We had our first taste of winter here in south Australian yesterday was cold wet and windy. The chicken are all running around getting food then Hinding under a big tree in the backyard where they all sleep. I found brave heart in the middle of one of the footpaths mulch not concrete he didn't run barely moved and gave me a quiet peep when I picked him up as I am hand raising two inside I already had a heat lamp set up raced inside and placing underneath and he did not pick up I've separated him into another box with another heat lamp and have given him a good water every 20 minutes overnight he is looking a little bit better. But is so weak can Bierley stand when I move him towards the food he just slowly crawls back to the light and is a lot lot smaller than the other four birds more than I realised. Could it be from the Head injury or maybe he's picked up something? he's not showing any symptoms of them being lethargic and weak.????
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    Im sorry your chick is having a hard time.I would continue to give him water every 20 min the easiest way is just to dip his beak in a cup of water adding poultry vitamins to his water will help to:hmmffering him eggs and tuna would also be good.Just make sure he is warm and calm a blanket over his brooder would be great.I wouldn't put him back with the hen she has done enough damage and stress to him.Keeping him with the other chicks might relive his stress(Just make sure they dont peck at him)
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    Thank you I went outside to check the others and mum has left another on it's own I found him underneath a bush he chipped very loudly when I pick them up and mum Ran over to attack me I put him back down but she walked off and left him so now he is inside with his brother/sister his a lot bigger but is just weak and sitting but the heat. [​IMG]
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    The temp outside is 18c and inside in the box is 22c big yellow is now standing up but still not eating or drinking. Actually nether of them are and i haven't hardly heard a sound [​IMG] Out of them. Considering I've taken them from outside and away from their mum I haven't heard a peep out of them [​IMG]‍♀️ We got 5 on the 25th of February and they where just hatched when we got them.
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    It sounds like she abandoning them. You may want to check on the others as well.

    What does their poop look like?

    Try to keep them hydrated and offer them some wet chick starter - see that they have a source of poultry grit (crushed granite) as well.

    Being huddled, going off feed, lethargy, etc., you may want to treat them for Cocci or have a fecal sample tested. Treatment is with Corid or Amprolium.
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    thanks I feed them some scrabble eggs and sugared water big bird perked up in a few hours and in back outside with mum running around. could be the big drop in temp it is normal for here and this time of year we had 30c days last week and it's 17c today big jump in temps as we change from summer to winter are again normal for here but i will keep a closer eye on the other. brave heart how ever is still not better. we got some worming stuff just in case but no improvement. his poop is runny with white, greeny brownie bits. the first poop he did when i brought hi in side was really green it turned the paper towel around it really green to but he really didn't poop much yesterday/last night at all.
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    The best thing to give to weak/ sick chicks is Emfamil Poly- vi -Sol vitamin D with no iron added. It's a vitamin supplement for babies but it gets chicks stronger faster. You can get it at a Walgreens or CVS. If you don't have one near you order it online.
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