Emergency! Chick fading fast


Oct 12, 2020
I bought some checks from a local farm auction on Sunday. Against my better judgement really, they were 10 of them all varying sizes some of them still not feathered yet They weren’t selling and I just couldn’t leave them there!

Anyway I’ve brought them home and obviously kept them separate from everyone. I noticed two days ago that one was a little quieter than the others and have been watching her closely She didn’t seem to be eating and drinking as much as the others. This morning when I went out them she was lying on her side in the corner. I’m not sure if she couldn’t get up but I initially thought she was dead I picked her up and she was panting and had her eyes closed. I’ve taken her out and put her in a box in our bathroom so it’s nice and quiet and dark. I also manage to syringe a few mils of water into her mouth. She is standing up and chipping but every so often dripping her head and closing her eyes.

What can I give her? I have antibiotics here and vitamins. I’ve seen her eating a little Of the chick crumb but I’m wondering if I can syringe something into her mouth that will give her some strength in case that’s what it is? I very much doubt they’ve had vaccinations, the others all seem healthy so far. I know it’s unlikely I can say such a little one, but I have to try!

By the wayWe don’t have a vet here who knows anything about poultry.
Just some sugar water might help.
Nutridrench would be better.
Be very careful with syringe.

How old are they and how are they housed?

@Eggcessive @Wyorp Rock @azygous
I don’t have nutridrench, but I have had to come in to town now so I will look in the feed store

Husband is at home providing care, he is using a 1ml syringe, I will tell him to add a bit of sugar. How often do you think?
Judging by the feather growth I would say barely 2 weeks.
I don’t know how she has been kept previously, but since coming home with me they have been in a brooder in my garage. They have a heat pad at night in an enclosed part and a semi outdoor run.
I’m in Australia and it has been pretty hot here the last few days (in the 30s), maybe that’s it? Also at the auction it was very hot, and they were in a tiny cage all day!

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