emergency chicken illness


Aug 9, 2016
I have just been out to check on my pullets, and have found one of them lying on the floor, with her feathers fluffed up and her eyes very watery. she looks very ill, but looked fine yesterday. her comb is paler and she seems to be struggling to stand. I have checked her wings and they seem to be fine, as do her legs! can anyone tell me what is wrong with her please?
thank you!
Welcome to BYC. If it is hot, she may be suffering from dehydration or heat stress. Give her water with electrolytes and vitamins, such as SaveAChick, and cool her off in tepid water (but only if she is heat stressed, not sick.) How old is she? Does she have nasal drainage, sneezing, or labored or rattly breathing? Is she having diarrhea or an blood in her droppings? Coccidiosis can be a problem in younger chickens. Symptoms are lethargy, puffed up or hunched posture, not eating, runny poops with mucus or diarrhea, and ruffled feathers. Corid or amprollium is the treatment in the water.
she sadly died earlier this afternoon, after vomiting. your second suggestion sounded very likely, as it described her symptoms exactly. could this be contagious? i am worried that the rest of the flock may catch it, however they all seem fine at the moment!
thank you for replying.

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