Emergency - Chicken Swallowed Feeding Tube


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
I am looking for help...My hen was recently attached by what we believe was a raccoon. I found her with her back all scratched up and two puncture wounds under her chest. I immediately took her inside, cleaned the wounds, and started her on Baytril. I have put antibiotic ointment on her wounds twice daily. Her mouth had blood in it, and she couldn't close it. I took q-tips and soaked them with pedialyte to clean her mouth. She has not been eating or drinking. For the last couple of days, I have tube fed her pedialyte and starter feed liquefied in my blender. She has been steadily getting better. However, last night while feeding her, she suddenly jerked from me and swallowed the feeding tube. It is very soft rubber and about two and half inches long. I can feel it in her crop. What do I do now? This has never happened before. I have grieved over this all night long. Any suggestions?

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