6 Years
Nov 24, 2013
My EE has started laying a month ago and every egg is bloody and now her butt is raw with feather loss and Blood

Maybe someone with more vet experience will chime in but in the mean time: You should probably remove her from the flock as other birds will tend to pick at her vent is they see blood and that will just make things worse.

I have read that you can make a hen stop laying by putting her in a dark location. The theory is that it messes with their daylight cycles and she probably needs to stop laying if she is having these issues.

I have put regular antibiotic ointment on my chickens when they have a cut to help stop infection.

If her vent looks like part of it is coming out that is a prolapse and it requires different care.

I hope this gives you a place to start and I also hope someone more experienced chimes in.

Good luck.
It can be normal for a new layer to have a smear of blood on an egg at first. This may have attracted the hens to start picking her vent which has caused feather loss and bleeding. I agree that she needs to be removed to a cage inside the coop, so they can't peck her, but that they don't forget her. You can clean her vent area and spray it with BluKote or put some Neosporin on it for a day or two, then spray the BluKote. When you let her out, keep up the BluKote until her feathers are grown back in.

One reason they will peck each other is too little protein in the diet, too little room in the coop or run, and boredom. Make sure they are getting at least 16% and no more than 20% protein in their diet, and give them some things to climb on and explore.

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