Emergency! Chicken won't stand, move, open her eyes, more...

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  1. Last night I went into the chook house to put our girls on their roost, as we do every night. One of our girls seemed particularly sleepy. I chuckled to my self (as she has been laying our first eggs about 3 of them) that our "big mama" tired herself out. She was much calmer than usual.
    This morning I was heart broken to go out to the coop and find big mama on the floor under the roost, belly down, wings completely spread apart and head on the floor. She wasn't moving.
    I ran over thinking the worst, to find that she is still alive and breathing. I scooped her up, she ruffled her wings once and then closed her eyes and dropped her head and body. She is still this way. She just lays in whatever position we put her in. I can't get her to eat or drink. She only keeps her eyes open for a few seconds if at all. The only time she moves is if I try to roll her over (searching for mites or scratches, anything!) she will stretch her wings once and then "go back to sleep", or if I put my finger in the grasp of one of her feet she will tighten to it as she would do when holding on to the roost - her other foot is unresponsive. I have no idea what to do. I am new to this, it's only my first batch of chickens ever. She hasn't worsened to our knowledge, nor has she improved. It was a little out of the blue as at just 4:30 yesterday she was fine, laid an egg, was foraging and such. Help please! I don't want to lose my Big Mama. We don't have any vets in our area that work with chickens. Gah.


    This is her... My special needs cat hasn't left her side...

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    Oh my gosh! [​IMG]I just wanna cry! I hope you find her some relief soon. That is so heartbreaking. I feel so bad for her. [​IMG] I wish I could help you.
  3. Thanks. I know, it's really hard. She doesn't seem to be in any pain though... I appreciate your thoughts.
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    So sorry to hear about your hen! Some times we never know why they become ill. Have your checked to see if she is egg bound? you will have to physically check for this. Also make some sugar water (little sugar) and with a dropper try giving her some of it, you will have to open her beak to do this. Also do not put your chicken on her back (leave her that way) chickens can not breath on there back.
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  5. I have checkout her vent, it's clear and doesn't look abnormal. She doesn't seem to have any large lumps or hardness below her vent or in her crop. I will try to do the sugar water, and update after, thank you!!
  6. So went I went to give her some sugar water (she is in our house) she was panting heavily - beak open and tongue out a tiny bit. But I put some water in a jar with a little sugar (and a tiny bit of olive oil just in case it is something that's not passing well...) She started drinking it readily. She doesn't seem strong enough to hold up her head though, I have to support it for her. I tried giving her a little yogurt from a spoon and she is eating it up (as we speak my beau is attending to her.). Thanks for the tip. Hope fully she will continue to improve, as she would not drink anything earlier this morning. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
  7. My chicken seems to be on the mend. She was looking bright and alert this morning, and has since been walking, talking and eating and such today. We put her back out in the coop tonight to roost. Keeping our fingers crossed that she will stay ok, and be ok when we get up tomorrow. [​IMG]

    Thanks for your support and help.

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