Emergency Egg-Section was a SUCCESS!!

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    Feb 25, 2010
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    Here is a picture of my beautiful new Australorp chick, Charolette. She did not have the easiest time hatching herself out the other day. She had made a pip and for more than 12 hours, she did not progress at all. I finally noticed that she was upside down in her egg and could not move one bit in order for her to start and complete the zipping process. After a few more hours of letting her be, I decided to do an egg-section (kinda like a c-section [​IMG]). I thought that maybe I will just help her out a little, but still, she was not able to move. Then came the slow task of peeling back the eggshell completely, wetting the top membrane and slowly peeling it back. Then I gently peeled back the thin membrane with the veins attached to it.....after about a good 20 minutes, I had a baby chick in my hands!!!! I laid her to rest in the incubator with my fingers crossed and hoping that she would be fine. After 6 hours of drying, she was fumbling around in her incubator. YAY!!!! I DID IT!!!! Now at Day 2, she has her own little box in the bathroom. I tried giving her to a broody hen with another baby chick, but that did not go so well. She knows my hands and quiets down when I am near. She also has a stuffed Angel Teddy Bear in with her, so she can snuggle up to something when she is tired. Well, I guess she will never become dinner now [​IMG]

    Here is my new baby chick, Charolette (I believe it is a girl)!

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    Congratulations [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] She is beautiful.
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    so cool! congrats!
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Congratulations!!! She is so sweet! How can you not love these little fuzzy butts!!!! I have 16 on order (coming in a little over 7 weeks) and I am already thinking about getting MORE and hatching some eggs!!! Chicken Fever!!

    I also asked DH if we can get ducks, peacocks, goats, cats, dogs, etc. He said no, be happy he's letting me get the chicks. Bummer. Will have to work on him some more, and live vicariously through others on this website.

    I am a country girl at heart. And proud of it! (Have a friend with million + $ mansion and fancy cars, etc. and I can tell you with all honesty that she can keep it. Give me my bible, DH, DS, little lived-in house, nice yard, good neighbors, truck, BBQ grill, animals (chickens, of course!), country music, and some sweet iced tea and I'm a happy girl.)
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