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I have a four year old Barred Rock hen, she has a bloated abdomen, her crop is full, when I palpated her abdomen she vomits. She has had diaharea for a couple days but I attributed it to too many pears. She seemed sort of OK yesterday in the garden pecking around and dust bathing. I noticed she was off this morning and then when I put them to bed I saw there was a significant problem. Her eyes are alert and her comb is still a healthy red. My vet is on holiday and even she is 1.5 hours away - I will make the run in tomorrow and see if anyone will look at Daisy but looking for any ideas tonight and I am afraid I wont find a vet with chicken expertise tomorrow.
Is her whole abdomen bloated or just the crop area? Most hens have a full crop in the evening, some more than others, but the crop should empty by morning. Certain illnesses can cause a slow moving crop which may feel puffy and full of air or liquid, similar to sour crop. A large swollen belly could be from other causes such as internal laying or ascites. Has she lost any weight around her breast bone in her muscle mass? Please let us know what you find out at the vet.
Pls help me my chickens are lossing feathers what can I use to stop it.
Not to worry....this is molting season! Your chickens will go through that usually 1-2 times a year. Give them extra protein to help reproduce their new feathers...and don't they just look so ugly?!!!
Hatchery BR? Four years old? Could be egg yolk peritonitis and/or internal laying or just what I call the Old Hens' Disease, Aka reproductive cancer. Been there numerous times and all except one was hatchery stock or their progeny.

The crop is a barometer of the system. When there is something wrong internally, that is the first thing you notice that is malfunctioning. It may not be a crop issue, per se, but a symptom of her body shutting down from whatever is wrong.

Unfortunately, if it's internal laying or cancer, there is no cure. Antibiotics will NOT help, though you want to do something, which is perfectly natural Please read these threads of mine for more information:

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