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    Jun 14, 2011
    I recently purchased some chickens from a VERY WELL KNOWN and LIKEed breeder and when my chickens (5-6mo) arrived one was dead in the box. I asked the person if there was a problem and the answer was no. So they were put into their pens and not a problem. That was 2 weeks or so ago. Yesterday I went to feed them and found one of the birds I bought from this person dead. No injurys no problems before I found it. Now I have a 6 mo old Araucana that was just fine yesterday and today all she does is stand with her feathers down and is very lethargic. I have wormed everyone recently (2wks ago). Is this something that I can contain? What can I do? I have emailed this farm and asked about it and of course it was put back on my farm. I have NEVER had a problem with my chickens just dropping like this and I dont know what to do. My Araucana came from another breeder that I bought 3 from and have never been sick. I really need some help and some advice.
    I have taken a dropper and got my pullet to drink a bit and she is starting to eat some, I scrambled an egg and give it to her and she ate some of it.
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    Quarantine the birds bought from the farm and any other possibly affected birds from the rest of your flock and observe them. I don't really have any other ideas for you, sorry [​IMG]
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    Sorry for this problem you are having, but it sounds like one of two things happened. The new birds came with something dormant and it activated because of the traveling stress OR you have something dormant that was activated by the stress of getting a new birds. Several things could be dormant, such as the many many different types of Mycoplasmas, cocci or even worms. Then, there are so many diseases too, but since your flock was visibly healthy, it would be necessary to get a post mortem done and lab testing to be sure. I kick my self every time I get new birds, somebody gets sick and I DO quarantine. Most of the time it is nothing but growing pains, but once I got a disease where I had to de-populate all of my birds and let the coop rest two months after decontamination. Best of luck and I hope this resolves itself. [​IMG]
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    I agree with lotzahenz in that it could be anything...necropsy would be the way to go if possible.

    Worming two weeks ago is no guarantee that you are worm free.


    Do a search on here for valbazen (off label for chickens) and egg withdrawal (tossing) times.

    Also rule out mites as they can kill chickens too.
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