Emergency my favourite chicken is ill :(


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Mar 7, 2011
HI All,

I have had a hybrid for a year and a half she is the most lively friendly chicken i have ever kept. she has laid consistenly all her life . However this afternoon i noticed her lying down in the coop when i tried to move her she simply stood up moved then put her wing out almost to stop her fall. she just doesnt seem her inquisitive self either.She hasnt laid an egg since sunday however she is becoming less consistent.

I really dont want to loose her what shall i do? :'(
I would at least give her a warm bath, feel for a firm abdomen, she may be egg bound. The warm bath will help to relax her pelvic muscles to allow the egg to pass. They like a bath for the most part, you should do it several times for 20 minutes each time. If you thing it is a stuck egg you can put some olive oil on your finger and gently lube up her vent, this will help the egg to pass also.

I would give her some electrolyte solution in her water for added strenght in case she is not eating well or is ill, it will help her out. Check her for worms, lice, mites too. good luck with her
Could be several things. Does she free range? Could have gotten into something toxic. Could she be broody? I had a hen trying to go broody and she laid her head down in the nest box, lifeless looking and dull for about a week. I made her get up everyday and go out in the pen. She does have an allergy. Chronically sneezes, but back to normal.
shes not a free ranger well she is let out over the weekend :/ i dont think shes broody she just seems weak i cant see her until tomorrow afternoon do you think she will be ok until then?
please somebody you dont know how much she means to me i would be devestated if she were to die
I would worm her with wazine or safeguard for goats, dust her with sevin or Diatumasicous(spelled wrong) earth make sure its food grade. And Give electrolytes and nutridrench to keep her strength up. :fl hope she gets better!
I have a five month old Ameraucana hen that is acting exactly the same way....just came home from work to find her doing this. I'm pretty worried. The only thing new is that she and her three sisters free ranged all day Saturday and Sunday, which is new for them. I'm heading back out to the barn to make her a comfy spot to rest and give her some electrolytes and ACV.

I can tell how much you love your hen and I hope she will recover soon :(. I will be keeping an eye on this thread as I will appreciate the advice here, too.
hi guys i have decided to put her in isolation pen will see how she is and check her over preoperly this afternoon
So it is ok to dust your chickens with seven dust? is that what you are talking about?? I am very un-educated in chicken keeping, I hate to say. But I try really hard. . . ;) I like the idea of D. earth. . . . I use that in my garden (which is so new to me also)

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