Emergency / Pecked Vent ! ! ! (Graphic photos)

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Please help our poor little Turtle Bean (a black-laced red Cornish bantam) -- She's been pecked and I need help understanding what I'm seeing ---

The skin on the top part of her vent is gone and this is just raw flesh - is this also 'out' - the top flap of the vent? And what do I do to help her/fix it?

(I took these from slightly different angles)




She is isolated (in the loving arms of daughter) now but any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!
What steps have you taken already in cleaning her vent??

It looks like they just pecked the top of the vent, which is now red and swollen....but I am not 100% sure, so hoping someone can come along and tell you what's going on.

Poor hen- hope she gets better soon!
ShadowHIlls - I've cleaned her with peroxide then took the photos and after that applied some Gentian Violet -

Thanks for asking since I didn't think to add that to my original post ~

Sounds like you've cleaned it well enough. I'd rub some anti-biotic goo on her like the other poster suggested.

When she's well enough to put back in with the others give her behind a good smear of Vaseline. You may have to repeat it for a couple of days.

I just had this problem with one of my chicks. After I put the goo on her every time one would peck her they'd get it on their beaks and would have to wipe it off. It didn't take long for them to stop pecking at her.

You could also put Iodine on it and it will keep the others from pecking at her. There's even some articles about it @ backyardpoultry.com (pecking/cannibalism)
Hi, I have the same problem with my 10 days old chicks. Yesterday, I found four of them which were pecked by the other chicks around the vent.

I separated them, I gave them a warm bath, dried them and dropped some propolis tincture as a disinfectant. Today, I did the same thing, and try to keep it clean all the time.

One problem is that from one's chick vent, leaks a white liquid as if it has vent gleet. I try to keep i clean & dry.

Another one, while it poops, not all of the poop drops down, and some of it remains on the vent. I try to keep it clean, too.

Anyone with a similar experience? Is there something I can do more about them? Will these two chicks have a chance to recover?
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