Emergency! Rooster Down!PLEASE HELP!


10 Years
Sep 21, 2009
I Have Had A Problem With My 6mo Old Easter Egger Rooster Blackbeard For Almost A Month Now. He Would Just Start Laying Down And Then One Day About 3 Weeks Ago He Couldnt Get Up...we Have Treated Him W The Pour On Ivermectin, Sevin Dust, Given Him High Protein Diet And Ply Vi Sol Vitamins...he Still Cant Stand, He Is Now Able To Get Up On His Elbows/knees Which He Wasnt Before And Started Wiggling His Toes Again. His Poop Is Normal, His Eyes And Nose Arent Running. His Breathing Is Normal...now When He Lays Down Sometimes His Wings Droop And His Comb Has Become A Pale Pink And He Doesnt Cock A Doodle Do Anymore But Still Makes Noises...can Anyone Else Give Me Any More Advice? He Is My Daughters Pet....we Had To Put One Of Our Turkeys Down A Few Weeks Ago Too Because He Stopped Standing. Could These Be Related?

Thanks For Any Help! Please!
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can't offer suggestions on this one but wanted you to know your post is being seen and not ignored. Hope someone else can give you suggestions. Good Luck
I'm so sorry about your roo. I urge you to research Marek's disease and heat problems in poultry. It's hard to say if the two situations are related, but thinking not because you would probably have more birds in trouble. Good luck to you, you are fighting hard for this boy...

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