EMERGENCY: Sneezing/ breathing issues with duckling! Please help!


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Jun 22, 2022
Hello! I have recently got some ducklings. They are about a month old now. One of them was a bit of a runt however, and she sadly had problems growing, as well as developed leg problems due to niacin deficiency and went almost lame. Thankfully, I managed to reverse the leg issue in time, by separating her from the flock and giving her some extra care. A little ago I noticed her nares had been almost shut due to some dry food that clogged in. I used a blunt end toothpick to get it out, and gave her a warm bath and most of it appeared to get out. The next day however, she started having a weird, crackly breathing and I got some more of the dried food out the same way, but it would not stop to this day. The crackly sounds got worse ( I'd like to add that she does have a deep enough water bowl in her brooder) and today she started acting even weirder. She started sneezing and let a clear liquid out of her nares and is looking weak. Please help! I got super attached.
I thought of getting one of those bulb syringes for babies to get the stuff out her nose, but I cannot do it until like 4 hours from now. Is it a good idea?
Can you get a picture of your brooder setup including the water dish? Also if possible a picture of her nares?

When you were using the toothpick to clean our her nares did you push any of the further inside or did you pull it all out?

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