Emergency! Turkey has its head twisted all the way around!


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May 25, 2012
My brother bought some turkey's their only a couple weeks old about 5 weeks, my sister and i have been the one's taking care of them. Today we went out to feed and water them, we noticed one not acting right we thought it was because of the heat and it hurt its leg, but when we came back its head was twisted all the way around, its still alive. we separated the baby turkey so it wouldn't be trampled on by the others. Please is there something i can do to help it?
I have not searched the forums yet for something on this topic but it doesn't sound very good to me.
When you separated her from the others did you keep her out enough so that if she has something catching
the others would not get it? You may benefit from putting her in her own isolated coop with a lid to keep her
safe (vented so she can breath!). At least until you get some responses here or from a vet that deals with
turkey. Make sure her isolated home is big enough for you to put some food and water in for her.
I wish I could help you more....Maybe you can find more info on the forums here by searching.
Best of luck. Kate
We put her in a box away from the others, I decided to call an out of state avian vet as we dont have one in this state or so i thought found one 3 hours away. the vet told me to put her in a shaded area with dim lighting and to keep a close eye on her. Soon after she righted her own head by her self, and she was even starting to move and respond to us.Sadly an hour later she died.

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