EMERGENCY!! URGENT!! Quails have scarrs and scabbs around and on their eyes.

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May 25, 2018
Central Oregon

So a few weeks ago I decided to get some quail, just in case the shipped quail eggs that I got from Kansas city quail farms did not hatch. (They did end up hatching) So I got a 13 quail from a locals person who has a lot of birds and animals. So a few days ago I noticed that one quail did not have an eye. (Or so I thought) So 2 days ago the quail had its eye again. I thought that was wired, the quail had little red scar like things all around it's eyes. So today another quail had the red thing around its eyes, and is beginning to scab up over its eyes. Is this just pecking? I will get a picture tomorrow. I am still getting a few eggs from these quail, but I do not want to spread (If it is a sickness) this to my other birds. It would be catastrophic if this spread to my other quail or worse my chicken flock. :( I think tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow I will cull all these birds. Any thing helps. I do not want to take these to the vet, so if there is nothing I can do, I will just cull all these birds.:oops:
It could be Coryza which is often passed to quail from chickens. Chickens can carry this bacteria without showing symptoms and it is easily caught by gamebirds who are not as domesticated so have less immunity to it. If they recover from it they become carriers and can pass it to other birds. Coryza causes smelly discharge. If its not smelly then it could be a respiratory infection.

This person posted pictures of their coturnix hen who had Coryza:

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