Emergency! week 18 old Delaware pullet having seisures!


11 Years
Dec 27, 2008
When I came home from work this morning and took some feed into the henhouse, I opened the door she flew I think from one of the roost and landed at my feet, jerking and shuddering and flapping her wings, then all of the sudden she stiffened up legs straight out behind her and was laying flat on her belly and chest ,neck straight out in front of her then she bent her neck all the way back to her back I thought she was dead, I picked her up and was talking to her, actually telling her not to die on me! I did see her eyes dialate and she was alive. I held her cause I didn't know what else to do! Any way she stayed stiff for about 5mins. I think and then started to close her eyes and her body relaxed. I put her down and she was having trouble with keeping her balance. so I kinda steadied her alittle after about 5 mins she got up and went and ate some food, she is acting fine now but she wouldn't go out side with the others she just went and set down under the lean too thing in the coop I set up so the younger chicks would have somewhere to hide from the bigger chicks if they were harrassed by them. So what happened to her? and will it happen again, she has always been perfectly healthy I thought?
What can I do for her to make sure it doesn't happen again, I hope she will be alright! Thanks in advance! Sandy
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overstartled perhaps? something toxic?
Its possible that she was startled really bad, I was a little sudden when I jerked the door open, but do you think that would send her into a seisure?I don't think anything toxic, there is nothing inthere for her to get into. The walls aren't even painted. I sure hope that is all it was and she will be fine.
Thanks for the reply! Sandy
It's easy for feed to get mold in it this time of year, especially if it gets close to the water and some water gets splashed in. Pretty dangerous for them.
That is very true but they ran out of feed yesterday morning, but there food was dry, and the waters are on the other side of the henhouse so I dont think that was the problem. It was very sudden and only lasted from start to finish when she was acting normal was about 20 mins tops it seem like if it was moldy food it would have lasted longer and the others would have been sick too but it was just her. Im wondering if she is eplilectic spelling? Can chickens get that? I do know that being startled or excited can bring on a seisure. And it really did look like a seisure!
I was just thinking that normally I feed the chickens once in the morning and again in the evening time, well last night they didn't get fed because I was out of feed Im wondering if maybe she was really hungry and was excited about being fed? I just don't know:idunno I hope it never happens again that was very scarey! Thanks Sandy.
omg!!! my chicken did the same thing for 2 days she had about 6 of them, that was 2 weeks ago now she just sit with her feathers fluffed and head down .can't figure whats wrong ..not bad feed or scared ..she had been outta the coop in the yard that day .so not sure
How is she now?

Most people on here feed their chickens free choice, and keep feed available 24/7.
She seems to be doing fine, she went outside and was doing great, Thank goodness, she is such a meek sweet little girl, But hopefully she doesn't have a genetic problem. This is my first time with chickens, and that really freaked me out! I went outside to the coop and gave it a through check and I can find nothing that she may have gotten into, so I think that I must have given her quite a scare! Thank you for the concern it means alot to me! Sandy I think from now on Im going to make more noise so it doesn't suprise them when I open the door next time.

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