emergent help question time from hatch to up and eat


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
west virginia
So broody hen left the nest and i moved her nest box out,there was a chickwedged in between the side the box and several unhatched eggs. Stuck ina fetal position for a long time and so cold but still breathing. Naturally the power went out today so no quick way to warm qanything, without much hope I cupped him in my ands and breathed on him,then found a sunnyplace out of the wind. After awhile I started moving and so gently rubbing to dry off...got encouraged by tiny peep and feeble attempt to move..so for two hours kept it up,allowing rest but holding in a normal sleeping position, remarkable but he's got some will to live, and is peeping, chirping and spasmotically hopping when i check and doing his best.
What is a standard time frame for a chick to 'get on his feet', I don't want to over do it but stay on schedule, I won't attempt to give him back until he can walk. Two other eggs hatched, but I have no idea how many eggs were laid after she went broody, and she adopted four. This guy has feet issues, and i keep straigtening those toes and legs before they get totally stuck. I know, lotta time spent but as long as he keeps fighting I'll help.
The other, when will he eat, I think he may have hatched last night, I touched his beakin water and he got mad at me I think but swallowed a tiny bit. I think this struggle may have taken alotof reserve energy...any ideas, suggestions are welcome...I am letting him rest, until he started calling.
Well he is pretty strong now, doesn't want to eat but bit my finger pretty well, and can hop sort of in the right direction while holding his head up. Even though the hen is off the nest she's still, so back under he goes, hope he can stay under there all night.
good luck.
i hope he makes it.
That is what would be best for the chick, under the broody where it is warm. They can go a couple days without eating food, thats why chicks are shipped as day olds, at the last of their development in the egg, they absorb the yolk into them and that keeps them nourished until mom can show them where and how to eat. Good job warming that baby up, its amazing how heat really can bring them around.
Thank you God another hour would have been too late I thank God for the sun today, really came through for me. Is still under broody and doubt she'll reject him now, she has pretty strong instincts...and, though I gotta say, this is one homely chick too, he has black all over with yellow feet, poor little thing, a ferocious attitude.

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