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Empty-nester homesteading

Discussion in 'DIY / Self Sufficiency' started by Penton, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Penton

    Penton In the Brooder

    Nov 12, 2013
    I enjoy reading all the posts on homesteading and applaud all those that are doing/planning it. In the past, I've done my share of homesteading with an orchard (5 varieties of apples, two varieties of pears, cherries, plums, black walnuts, hazelnuts, and peaches), livestock (bovine, chickens, sheeps and goats), three gardens raising just about anything imaginable and made my own cheeses, soaps, sprouts, dried beans after growing a wide variety, and kept a root cellar. During harvest season I canned, dried and stored our produce. I had a great wood cookstove on which I learned to cook. It was a WONDERFUL life. Since then, the children have all grown and are on their own. I now live on only two acres and have a small flock of chickens. Before the new life of being an empty nester with chickens, I had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I have the dilemma of having chickens which need early morning care (they are let out of their coop at 6 AM and are fed and watered) and evening care at the very least. (Of course, when I am home, they get to free range while I'm supervising due to hawks). My children are very busy with lives of their own and the neighbors with children don't have early risers. If there are any empty-nester homesteaders out there, I would like to know how you manage your flock while you travel or visit out of state children. My chickens bring my great joy and I don't want to give them up for adoption. I do, however, want to figure out how to incorporate traveling into my life. Look forward to any ideas that might be out there. I have even thought of finding a place to give "classes" on the things I've learned through the years regarding homessteading since I learned best from actually having hands-on experience. Thanks for all the wonderful information, posts and links. Wishing everyone the best with their homesteading experience.

  2. wyoDreamer

    wyoDreamer Crowing

    Nov 10, 2010
    How about a secure, covered run for the birds when you head out of town? Get an automatic door opener to let them out in the morning and shut the door at night. Make a bulk feeder out in the run to feed them, maybe have a trusted neighbor kid stop by to check on them later in the day and make sure the feeder is full and that they have water.
    You can still free-range them while you are home to give the secure/run area a break and give the vegetation a chance to grow back.
  3. Plough

    Plough In the Brooder

    Nov 30, 2013
    San Jose, Ca
    Look to your community? First suggestion would be to ask neighbors for a little help when your out on trips. Some might be able to some may be busy, never hurts to ask. Other then that, pet sitters are an option. Most pet sitters are used to dogs and cats but you might be able to find someone willing to check in on them. I know my fiancee does pet sitting and has no issues with goats, chickens or other "unconventional" pets.

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