A.T. Hagan

Don't Panic
12 Years
Aug 13, 2007
North/Central Florida
Yesterday I moved the EE birds out of their brooder into their grow-out tractor so that I am now happy to report ALL OF MY BROODERS ARE EMPTY!


It's too darn hot to be brooding birds now. Come about ten or eleven in the morning I have to make sure the fans are running so they don't overheat! The sex-links, the Leghorns, the turkeys, and the EE birds are all out on grass now doing what they do best. Eating prodigiously and leaving much fertilizer behind. The pasture is loving it.

Now all I have to do is muck out the boxes and clean the equipment. The last of the used brooder bedding will go on the sugarcane patch and the grapes.

No more servicing the brooders twice a day. Hooray!

Next year I'm going to strive to have them all empty by the beginning of May. I hate brooding birds in the heat.

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