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    Nov 28, 2014
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    We weighed our first egg of the season- 488 grams. Are eggs smaller when the Emu is younger? I see a lot of you getting 600 to 700+ gram eggs. First time Emu owner. Thanks!
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    Hi ...looking back on my records, in 4 years, Rosie's eggs were 650 gr. - 750 gr..but Jasmine's always over 750 gr.. this mornings egg 785 gr. her 5th this season and once 2 days later, how can she produce such a big egg in just 2 days ? beats me lol.
    Good luck
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    Nov 9, 2013
    Rare visit, me:

    pretty interesting data, guys!! The 'academic data' on emus is demonstrably inaccurate.

    I was able to examine the newly-abandoned nests of two tame-wild males whom we know -- 'cause we were observing -- were the consorts of young birds. (It was Greedy's consort Boy Emu in 2012, and Felcity's consort Noddy in 2013.*) I could have tried to reconstruct an egg from the bits, in order to estimate its size.

    Of course, you could get better data over years from your females 'cause you can pick the eggs up and weigh them; but ANY data you could get from eggs laid by tame-wild females would tell you about egg size versus age of female in a natural environment.

    * Felicity and Greedy's dad, Eric, was here with Uno the Chick at 4:10 am this morning, for wheat and sultanas. It's the seventh Spring I've observed him here. Double-alpha male.

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  4. Are eggs smaller when the Emu is younger?
    Hi, It seems there are two issues here. From my experience the early season eggs are smaller on the whole. Also the eggs from a first timer will be smaller as well. (It can get more complicated if you consider feed quality etc). You asked this question about a month ago....have the eggs got bigger?
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    Nov 28, 2014
    Madera County, CA
    . Thanks for the info. Our eggs are getting slightly larger. We still havent had one over 600g. Our female could be young. We feed them a top quality made specifically for breeding season. They also get lots of veggies. We're getting about an egg every 4 days.
  6. Sounds like it is all working.My opinion is emus work with a very big global picture ie some years early eggs other years not so, some years big eggs others not quite. If the chick comes out healthy and grows well then it's working. If she is young then things will be unpredictable. If she is older then an emu farmer would be thinking twice about her egg production versus feeding her all year.

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