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9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
Hello all Emu owners and lovers this is a thread that we can talk about our Emus and tell stories and give advise. I/we love pics so if you have any post away. I am getting 2 emu chicks soon already have 1 adult female on board.

Got eight wild emus in the house-clearing at this second: two tame-wild, one a bit tame, one a wild bird that will come close, a breeding-pair grazing in the old sheep yards, and another breeding-pair sneakin' about over by the sheep-loading ramp (good grass 'cause of sheep pooh).

The (bad) picture shows Uno Chick cruising past the kitchen window -- tame-wild rothschildi
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Hey Shelley Bear. As fast as I can type
please exuse me
i dont visit often -- bad eyes

i am wild emu guy here -- or was

these are wild birds
no fences
seven years this month observing them

see 'mating season in australia'

and 'planet rothscildi'

supreme emu, unicup, western australia

six birds here this second
I was wondering that. That is amazing that they come in your yard and hang around. I bet its cool to watch them walk around and just be emus.
I call them little Emu beings lol not Human beings, they are so clever and will guard you, the owner. Should a stranger go in their pad at night, they may not come out, whitout a broken leg....this applies only to Emus in captivity and Emus you bred or bought as young chicks.
They kill rats, wild rabbits, even wild birds, if they can catch them lol they got 2 pidgeons this winter...trying to steal their food.
If any rats about, coming from nasty neighbour's boundary, they sit there for ages, telling me where they come in lol
They have ad-lib food in buckets in open houses and if a rat gets in, they watch it going in bucket, then pounce on it with their big feet, they have excellent hearing. I had wondered sometimes, why there was blood on inside buckets ? lol.
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Lol, that's one way to do pest control. I have chickens that will attack cow birds but to tiny to pounce on them. I have a emu that stopped laying foe a wile so I think she is done for the rest of her life with laying eggs.
Calla! Long-timer!

Me just passing through. Still unable to observe -- but . . .

This is a rotten picture. Sorry -- 'guerilla photography.' I've tried six or eight times to get this. It's two completely wild emus that have snuck from the big big Australian bush to tax the luscious long grass in the old sheep yards:

Ahhhh! Frustration! Not a good enough photo!

Supreme Emu
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