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  1. walkingcrow3

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    Jan 30, 2013
    I wanted to start this thread because I googled this over and over with no luck. And I was one of the unlucky ones to come home from vacation to find one of my emus with a giant wound and of course there were maggots in there as well. So lucky for me I have family and friends experienced in wound care on livestock and other animals. However I feel that emus are different considering that they have one of the toughest hides around. I have been taking pictures of the wound as I have been caring for it if anyone would like me to start a thread on the wound care once it is healed then I will gladly do that. I also wanted to see if anyone else has had to deal with wound care on their ratites before and what your experiences were with it. There just isn't any information provided on this. Not very many ratite owners are out there I suppose. I investigated the whole pasture and barn and the only explanation is the my goat somehow got one of my emus with his horn. The opening is just right behind his little useless wing, perfect goat height. Which after reading another thread on mixing emus with other livestock I have had my three emus in with two cows and a goat. They do chase my jack russell terrier from time to time but they don't mind the cats or the chickens in the least. But accidents do happen and that is what this thread is all about.
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    Nov 9, 2013
    Sadly, Walking, I am unable to keep up. But there is a wealth of data in the archives of this site: yes, we have discussed wound care/injured birds.

    I had a particular drama with a tame-wild bird -- can't handle it -- that came home with a hole punched in her chest.

    [She survived, and is here this morning, chasing her sister about.]

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    Mar 23, 2014
    We had a wound here too. The emu had a run in with a barbed wire fence and tore a portion of her neck. Our brilliant vet suggested nu skin over the wound. She likened the emu hide (though this was on the neck) to chicken skin... very thin and veiny. sure enough, it healed over well and is nothing but a pink spot now.

    Not sure how that will go on the body. Wishing you luck!
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    Jun 18, 2013
    I've had mainly leg injuries I never use barbed wire with any livestock it's horrific.

    With the leg I cut away all the dead or necrotic tissue and bandaged with iodine dressing and water proof wrap and then vet wrap. Changed every 3 days. I have picture if anyone is interested.

    I also had a yearling tear a vertical line down the front of his leg, for this steristrips iodine dressing and wrap.
    They heal pretty quick.
    I also had an adult who tore the skin from his leg to his foot, like pulling off a sock, this was stitched but the infection. Had set to the bone so we culled him.

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