Emu's should I give it a try

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  1. Hi! I was thinking of trying out 1 or 2 emu's for fun could they stay in a 200 foot long fence? what do they eat? are they loud? are they mean?
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    Hmmmmm....I don't see them on your wish list [​IMG]
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    If you raise them as chicks, and around your livestock and other people, harness train them, to lay down, and handle them daily then they can be great. They still deserve respect because they can hurt you with their razor sharp toes (make toenail clipping part of your young training)even by accident. They also love to bite ears, they are just attracted to them, and anything shiny or bright colored. Mine are pets, although they are also livestock guardians.
    They eat small mammals, lizards and things, grasses, they are supposed to eat emu chow but mine declined and want sweet feed and catfish chow, dog food etc. [​IMG]
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    We had an emu years ago. Goodness, that bird was GREAT fun! Unfortunately, we just didn't have room for him at that time once he was grown and certainly couldn't bring in another for company so he had to be sold.

    He was pretty tame and had a ton of personality. I didn't know you could use them as LGDs though. That's too cool. [​IMG]
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    Do they stay home like chickens, or if they are not fenced do they run away?

    I would love to hatch one out, but probably should not as I am a little fragile due to rheumatoid arthritis.

    But I really would like to try to hatch one out, oh well...

  6. I am up for learning ALL I can on Emu's....a few weeks ago I got 2 babies....Male and Female...They were about 6 1/2-7 weeks old at the time...So I am gonna say they are about 9 weeks old now...

    I really do think they are neat....Right now they are eatting the 'chickens feed' as that's what they seem to like....
    I have them in the milk house right now (no milk tank-as we don't milk any cows)....they are happy and content in there for now...But I know eventually I will need to get them outside where they can run on the grass...I put fresh grass and dirt in the milk house for them daily right now....

    The girls names them............Shrek and Fionna (Abby named them that)................Emma named them Ogar and Princess......... So we'll see which they like better...lol

    so yeah if anyone has any info to share I would love to learn more..

    Thanks Shawna
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    lets see. the male incubates a clutch(normally 8/10 eggs) for 60 days
    They normally breed as pairs. The hen, always makes me giggle since I just dont see "hen" when I look at "ours" can be reproductive for up to 20 years laying between 20-50 eggs per season

    They have red meat. The oil from the bird is a great emollient.
    They can run up to 30mph and can be dangerous.
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    Oh my goodness! This is so fun to have an Emu section [​IMG] Has it always been here?


    I hatched and raised an Emu once. She was VERY friendly. She was hatched in a kindergarten class and I took her home every night. Like pp's have mentioned, she preferred to eat with the cats and would fling wet cat food all over the kitchen [​IMG] She loved to ride in the car and we would take her through the drive through for a treat and get her a happy meal.
    When she went to her permanent home, she was still very attached to people. Her new owners went for a walk and the Emu got lonely and wanted to come. She jumped over the fence and ended up along a very busy street. Someone saw her and pulled over and opend his door and the Emu jumped right in... ready to go for a drive! Luckily, he was able to figure out who the owner was (small town) and got the Emu home. [​IMG]

    So, what I meant to say was... Emus can be very friendly and personable [​IMG]

    I don't know the answers to your other questions though [​IMG]

    I [​IMG] Emus!

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