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May 24, 2017
Southern Minnesota
Did this end up working for tiu
I had originally posted this in response to a newcomer's question on the introduction forum but thought I would share on a more topic specific forum for those who might be interested.

"As a architectural and interior designer with an extensive background in construction, I am always looking for alternative solutions to problems.....here is what I am planning to do to enclose my coop:

Clear Marine Vinyl, comes in 30 and 40 gauge (select for your weather conditons)- the 20 gauge is useless for anything other that rain.

2" Nylon Strapping

Hardware: Cloth to Wood Snaps

I am going to cut the vinyl to fit the frame of each of the coop's hardware cloth panels. Take the cut vinyl panels to a shoe shop/cobbler (generally more cost effective than an upholsterer) and have them envelop the edges of each vinyl sheet with the nylon strapping. This will provide an inch of the nylon strapping on the front and the back and add stability to attach the closing snap hardware. I will have the cobbler attach the female member of the snap at each corner and pre-determined spacing on the sides, top and bottom. Once I have the finished vinyl panels, I will mark and screw the male member of the snaps to the coop/run's wood framed hardware cloth panels. For ease of installation for future years, I recommend that each vinyl panel is numbered with a corresponding number permanently marked on the coop/run panels. I would also note the top/bottom of each vinyl panel. These can be used over and over for many years and roll up for easy and space saving storage. DO NOT FOLD!"

I would also like to add that the above method allows ample air flow which can also be varied as needed by unsnapping a corner of one or more panels and can also be easily removed on unseasonable warm days. I live at the coast and the nightly lows average in the low to mid 30s only dipping to the teens a few nights a year but coastal areas are a cold damp and windy....cuts right to the bone!
Did this end up working for you?

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