Enemic hen - feeling better but can't stand/walk- please help

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    Mar 23, 2017
    Lunenburg, Ontario Canada
    I live in lunenburg Ontario and I'm new to this site but let me tell you this site has saved many of my chickens.
    I rescued 6 ex bats last spring and sadly I only have 2 left. One of my ex bats Holy Moly (the hen with 9 lives & a will to live) became very sick last week (ruffled feathers and wouldn't go up and roost at night). I took her inside to keep her warm and assess. Right away I saw the mites. So we treated her and all other hens. Problem is she was already anemic from what I could tell and from what I read.
    After the 3rd day I noticed the mites so I soaked her in neem oil (which I found on this site). Miraculously mites are gone.
    We are on our 7th day down. After force feeding her poly vitamin,minced liver, eggs, spinach and yogurt she slowly came back. Yesterday I picked up some electrolytes baby water & some strawberry ensure and this morning I woke to a brand new girl with more energy. Exciting because I'm sure she loves me as much as I love her... but I still have an issue and don't know what to do
    She still can't stand and all morning has been trying with no success. When she tries she tries so hard and ends up clawing her head and just can't get legs to work. My question is she suffering or will she get energy to stand again. 7th day and not sure of next steps? Idon't want her to suffer.
    Any suggestions would be great
    PS- no chicken vets anywhere around sad.png

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    There are so many illnesses that can affect chickens, and many can cause them to become lame. Do they vaccinate the battery hens for Mareks? She may have a reproductive disorder causing belly pain or infection. It would be hard to tell. What you are doing so far seems very good. You might check into learning to tube feed, since force feeding can be slow, and dangerous if she chokes. I have several aging hens who no longer lay, and a few may have internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis. When they get to the point of suffering and not having a good quality of life, I will put them down. I would recommend permethrin 10% spray for spray hens and the coop, if the neem oil doesn't work. It is safe for chickens and very effective. Mites have to be treated at 7 day intervals to get the hatched larvae. I hope she gets better.

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