English Bulldog owners I have questions?


11 Years
Feb 8, 2008
Kent, Wa
My Lola is 3 years old and I'm tired of treating her for fungus/yeast at least once a year if not more. My vet always wants me to bring her in for a prescription therefore costing me more in vet bills even though we/they already know what she has. I've heard that her skin condition can be controlled by her diet, so what do you bully owners feed your pups? Lola gets Authority from PetSmart because that's what her previous owner was feeding her, which doesn't seem to be working so great. Our vet doesn't seem to have any suggestions for another food either. We've since changed vets also. I don't pay vet bills anymore for the skin issues but instead I bathe her in Malaseb which is more time consuming and less convenient but it works. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I'll ad a picture of her later if she'll hold still long enough. She's the most energetic Bulldog I've ever met.
No, the only food she's ever had is the Authority. Where do you buy it? Actually I take that back we bought her some dog food that was specially formulated for Bulldogs but that gave her horrible gas
, even worse then the normal Bulldog gas.
ANY BREED not just bullies....
feed a dog food with..
NO wheat
NO corn
NO by-products
just read the bags... if you can afford it look into the BARF diet..
"bones and raw food"

also DO feed a spoonful of plain yogurt everyday..
wash ears and/or in the folds of there faces with mixture of....
50% vinagare.. to get the PH balance back
50% alcohol.. to dry out the area..
or buy a good doggie ear wash, some have "teatree" oil in it.. teatree is an anti-fungal
DO NOT GET IN EYES!!!!!!!! and teatree is poisonous to CATS!!!!!
I have earwash for her. The last 2 times she's had her "outbreaks" it started under her collar and on her sides. I keep the folds of her face extremely clean and dry now. I was reading about giving yogurt and I will definitely start doing that
it starts in the folds under her neck because it stays MOIST under there... keep it as dry as possible,,,
and of course anytime a VET gives her antiboitics this will also cause a yeast breakout...
good luck

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