Enough space??


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I want to build a 8x12 coop. In this coop I WANT an area for laying hens: standard size RIR, BR, True Ameraucanas and an area for a small flock of bantam cochins. I want two small area for broodies, a place for feed, oyster shell, and medication. There will be a large run attached to the coop and they will be able to free range almost every day --at least 4hrs. or more.. IS this a large enough coop OR do I need to cut back on my wish list or build a coop that can easily be added on too. EVERY time I read another thread about how wonderful another breed is--I think "OH, wow--maybe I could get one or two of those hens..." See where this is going???? I haven't even gotten my coop/run built and do not have one chicken and I am already ADDICTED! Thank you all for any help or suggestions...Dixie
From the size listed and what you want in facilities, I would say you are about half the size you will need in order to leave room to work in there. Two brooding areas by themselves, and by the time you leave walking room will likely take up a 4 x 8 by themselves.

Best to lay it out on the ground with stakes and strings to get a feel for what you need and if you have room to move around. Be able to get old bedding out easily etc...
I went to Mathisbrothers.com and used their "design a room", to design my coop... I'm still adjusting though. You can enter the size of your room "coop", and place whatever you want in it. I used their bookcases (with adjusted size) to represent the nest boxes, walls (with adjusted size) to make roosts, etc. It was really kinda fun since you can move stuff all over without having to draw it on paper.

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