ensuring coop and run are mite free before putting chicks in it


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Aug 29, 2010
I had a bad case of scaley leg mites on my birds this spring (didn't know to look for it, birds from auction came with it...got worse all winter...newbie big OOPS!). So I treated all those birds by dipping their legs in canola oil, as well cleaned out the coop after the first dip and sprayed the coop down wiht water/teatree oil as well as sprinkling DE everywhere after it was dry. I put in new bedding that the birds were on for about three weeks. We dipped them once per week for a total of 3x.

I was able to find new homes for all those birds two weeks ago so the coop has been sitting empty since then. I cleaned out all the old bedding today, and am going to dust everywhere with Sevin tomorrow morning, including the run. I normally don't like to use Sevin, but have a new batch of chicks to put out there (currently in my living room) so I want to make sure the mites are good and gone.

So my questions are:

1: Is Sevin dust toxic as long as it's around or does it have an effective period until it is no longer harmful? Should I dust everything and then clean it all out AGAIN before putting in new bedding? The chicks are only 4 weeks old and my daughters (who spend alot of time with the chicks) are all under age 5, so I don't want them exposed to the Sevin dust.

2) How long can mites, Scaley Leg Mites in particular, live with no chickens to host them? the coop has been chicken free for two weeks now.

3)What are early signs of scaley leg mites? I want to watch for it in these chicks extra closely but the last case was so advanced it was obvious just from the way the birds walked and their pinecone legs....I feel so horrible about it...but the oil dipping was working as by the time we gave them away their legs were looking much pinker.

thanks in advance

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