Enteritis in ducklings

Buck Oakes

5 Years
Feb 9, 2014
Madison/Gluckstadt, Mississippi
okay guys i have a big question one of my ducks have enteritis and she had four babies this year but didn't get sick till a month later, do the babies still have it and could they spread it to others?. and she didn't sit on the eggs, a brooder did and hatched 2 of them and i hatched the other two, is the brooder ok? also i heard that the enteritis can be a bacteria thing so what should i do?
Yep she's still alive she doesn't show symptoms anymore, but she's anemic now so i try to let her out in a big dog crate with out a bottom so she can get some sun and vitamin d , but is he still a carrier even if she got treated?
Good. There may be a test to be sure. Did they culture to determine the enteritis, or base it on symptoms? I keep trying to learn more about health issues.
no the guy that came to check on my ducks took one look at her and said, enteritis and i was like
No I got medicine for her :) that's how she got better, and i used liquid penicillin to help break down the bacteria that was aiding the virus, which in turn no bacteria no virus, but I still need to get some sulmet

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