Enthusiastic newbie to possible Chickendom!


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Apr 28, 2014
Hey all! My husband and I are getting ready to move into our new home in in the country. I'm looking forward to be able to establish a victory garden, along with some "extras". We're considering chickens as our first venture into establishing our little "farmette", but really know NOTHING about it, other than the benefits. It looks like I'll find TONS of information here that will help determine whether or not this would be right for us, with all the how to's and experiences from others. Thanks for such an informative site! I look forward to gleaning all I can from everyone.


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Mar 21, 2011
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Welcome to BYC!

Chickens can be a wonderful addition to a new farm. They can provide eggs, meat, enjoyment and love. They can make great affectionate pets as well as dinner for the table. I grew up around poultry, mostly for meat and eggs. But had I known how much fun they are to really keep, I would have gotten back into chickens decades ago. My birds are very docile, affectionate and are huge on the lap sitting. Can't sit anywhere without a chicken begging to sit on my lap.

You might start in our learning center here on BYC to get you started on your path of learning....


If you have any specific questions, that is what we are here for. So make yourself at home here on BYC. Do some reading and I surely hope you do decide to get yourself a flock of chickens!


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Feb 18, 2011
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! X2 on the Learning Center TwoCrows linked you to. Chickens are a great addition to a farm and a good way to use garden extras... and you will love the fresh eggs.

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