Enumclaw Washington... Eggs are here...


9 Years
Feb 8, 2010
We should have 19 Brahma's and 4 orphingtons, hopefuly Blue. It's me, my wife Dawna and our youngest son Russell who are taking this on. Today, March 8th we recieved our eggs, 24 all in one piece. Now for the balancing act, to get the hatch on.
We live in Enumclaw Washington.
I ordered my eggs from Gabbard Farms in Arkansas, from julie. I am very pleased with her friendship and willingness to take calls and answer my questions anytime I have them, even though she is realy busy. I do suggest buying from a reputal hatchery, or someone who has been doing this for a while and get to know them, personaly~. It's as good as it get plus adding or talking with people on back yard chickens...

Wish us well as we do do you and yours. Good luck and stay in touch Washingtonians...

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