Epic Egg Fail


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Jun 5, 2015
My chickens are eating their eggs! I've looked into why and how to break them of it, though it says it's difficult if not impossible. They have adequate feed, water, calcium, nesting areas, room to run around in, etc. My banties are laying just fine. I had gotten so excited over a month ago when I found two eggs, and then there were no more. They're seven months old. I blew out an store-bought egg and filled it with sriacha, but they ate the egg anyway. Good grief! I also put in several fake eggs and they all - not just some - ran and pecked them.

They're Delawares, Americaunas, and Speckled Sussex.

If anyone has any (successful) experience with this, or have any other ideas, I'd love to know what you did!


Nov 16, 2015
Northern CA
Make sure you are collecting their eggs right away, they start eating when the eggs aren't collected right away. But I haven't dealt with this yet so there's nothing else I can add:( sorry! Good luck!!

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Sep 30, 2015
Roll away boxes will take the egg away as soon as the egg is laid taking away any chance for them to peck it another could be protein deficiency I add meat bird feed and feather fixer to their mix to boost the protein and it also helps their feathers to boot!


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Jul 16, 2015
I have read about filling an egg with mustard. Egg eating is usually about a deficiency, you didn't say what you were feeding, I would have them on a higher protein ration than layer, they are still growing their first year and need to support laying and growing. I would also put a lot of fake eggs in the nestboxes so the odds of them pecking the hard ones are high, sometimes just pecking them can make it stop because it doesn't work, I have read where someone threw the fake eggs on the ground and let the hens peck until they all gave up to get it out of their system. Certainly get more protein in them and make sure they aren't bored.

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