Epidemic in Flock

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    Mar 23, 2011

    We've had our small flock of chickens for about three years -- at this point, they are totally free range in our small backyard. They never use the coop. They've had some issues in the past -- worms -- and recovered. We've lost a couple to unidentified sickness or disease over a year ago. Out of 5 hens, we consistently get about 3 eggs/day. Suddenly this weekend, we realized one of the chickens had died. Looked like it had been dead for less than 24 hours. We never noticed any sickness or anything. Then yesterday, we noticed two more looked sick. Their eyes were white and we bathed them and gave them diatomaceous earth. They're looking about the same today. Not moving, just hanging. The other 3 chickens (who are our oldest) seem fine, but I'm worried that something is running through the flock -- and the chickens may not make it through the week.

    We also have about 2 dozen eggs in the fridge from the last few weeks and I'm wondering if we should throw them out -- should we be worried that the eggs will make us sick?

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    Try the search button... some suggestions "eggs ok to eat?" white eyes or droopy chicken

    Can they walk?
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    Here's a link to a list of diseases that chickens can get. See which one fits the description that your hens might have.

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