Eprinex and Worms...who knows this stuff?

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    I am thinking we may have some gapeworms in our flock, I cannot be sure, but we lost one hen a few weeks ago who was having trouble swallowing and she sort of wasted away, I was hand feeding her scrambled eggs, but then her crop would never go down (so I figured it was an all-out organ shut down). I had not thought of gape worms and reasoned she ate something dangerous, like the insulation in the roof of our coop. Now I watch and I see hens shaking their heads and one of my mille-fluers is not filling her crop and eating funny, shaking her head. Of course, this could all be becaue I am looking down her throat with a flash light and handling her too much.

    So, MY QUESTION, I just got done with a round of topical Eprinex (active ingredient eprinomectrin), I am going through the pamphlet and since cattle do not (I believe) get "gapeworm", it is not tested for this. But, the pamphlet reads that it kills the lungwrom Dictyocaulus viviparus.

    Does anyone know, can Erpinex kill gapeworm if we have it? If not, can I use another wormer after applying this tonight?

    Also, we have one hen whose feathers are just not growing back, she shakes her head, too. I gave her Eprinex tonight as well (twice a year routine).

    But, I am really curious to know if Eprinex may zap gapeworm or has it just never been tested on gapeworm? I was hoping gapeworms were closely related to lungworms and I could assume the stuff will get the gapeworms if we have them.

    Lastly, is there any way to get Flubenvet in the US? It gets rid of all worms with no withdraw time. I cannot get an order to work on the Peticious site.

    Appreciate the replies!
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