Eprinex vs. Ivermectin

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    I want to worm my chickens this weekend because I see a few creepy crawleys that make me go UGHHH!

    Is Ivermectin pour on the same as Eprinex pour on?

    From what I've gathered mostly from (Speckled Hen) and other posts the dosage is 1/4 cc on the back of the neck on the skin and not the feathers and is to be repeated in 2 weeks to get the eggs that are just hatching. Eggs are alright to eat.

    Thanks to everyone in advance for your input.[​IMG]

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    Both are the same dosages...on the bare skin on the back of the neck between their shoulders. Repeat again in 2 weeks. Use the eprinex, that way you dont have to discard the eggs.
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    Eprinex and ivermectin pour on are not the same. Go to jefferslivestock and search for each product then click manuf label.

    I just used eprinex for the first time for mites and it worked GREAT! And easy!
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    It's 1/4 cc for bantams and 1/2 cc for standards. Eprinex has no meat or milk withdrawal for cattle; to me, that translates to no egg withdrawal, but you'll have to decide which way you prefer. We are forced to use off-label wormers all the time so there is no actual standard withdrawal for any of them, though once long ago, Pine Grove posted a list with suggested withdrawals for each med.
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