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Jan 11, 2012
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Eric Fleming's Guide to Incubating and Candling Eggs - Part 1

For those of us who decide for the first time to incubate our own eggs, we generally have many questions on the process of egg incubation. Since we get so many questions regarding this process I decided to do a video documentary that shows how to incubate eggs and also what you will need to brood them.

The egg incubator that was used in the video is a Genesis Egg Incubator. Most of the directions on this video can be applied to any tabletop model incubator except for the thermostat controls.

We begin this video with the basic instructions on how to get your incubator set up so you can start incubating your eggs. On day 18 we will have a video on the proper way to remove the egg turner and place the eggs on the wire screen floor of the incubator. Then we will post videos of the chicks hatching and moving them to the brooder.

In the next video my son Ellis and I use the Egg Candler to watch the development of the chicks. We candled the eggs at day four but since we are hatching eggs that have a darker shell color it made it more difficult to see with the camera so we waited until day 10. Candling eggs is a great way for kids to get involved in the incubation process and it shows them the complete development of the chick.


Tips for Candling From Eric Fleming
1. Turn Out The lights To See Egg Better

2. Hold Large end of egg against candler

3. Be sure your hands are dry and clean

4. Day 3: look for blood vessels & veins

5. Day 10: you should see the chick moving

6. Eggs that are clear inside after 10 days are bad

7. Remove bad eggs from incubator and discard

8. Eggs can be out of incubator for up to 30 minutes

9. Do Not candle eggs during last 3 days of the hatch

Stay tuned for Part 2! What questions do you have for Eric about incubating, candling, or hatching?
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Great stuff, especially the video! (I really am more inclined to learn from videos than text... so this was a great combo).

Thanks for the content and info Fleming Outdoors and thanks for being such a great long-term supporter of BYC!!

Wonderful!! simple and precise. I will be starting in the spring, my red laced Wyandottes are just beautiful girls, and my Roo is a sweetheart. They may not be "show" quality but they are definitely lovely birds, and enough eggs to keep me happy. I look forward to Part 2!!!
Thanks for all the comments. I will upload some pics of our chickens from this hatch. To a great surprise we ended up with about 75% hens to 25% roosters !
Great Video. Now if I can find me a incubator which seems to be hard to do in my area the Okanagan in the interior of British Columbia. We are having our first snow fall to day My young Trio of Chanteclers are having a good look at it but are not about to go out into it so far. I am looking for a incubator so I can hatch out some baby Chanteclers early this Spring.Now I think I had better get out the snow shovel and get to work good exercise. This is a great Web site very informative.

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