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  1. plumberchicken

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    Nov 3, 2010
    My girls are just jetting started laying, I am getting an egg sometimes two a day, they are diffeternt colors and sizes, I have two RIR, and two aruacanas.... I think, some green some brown and sometimes a purple/ lavender looking one.
    I have just started them into a bag of Dumor 16% layer, they have a timed light.

    Can I expect 3-4 eggs a day ?... will the size get bigger?... will the colors change ?
  2. buzymom13

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    Apr 20, 2010

    Young pullets will lay sporadically at first til they get it down. RIR will settle down and lay a regular size (I think brown) and they'll even out to pretty much every 25 hrs. Which means it'll usually be an hour later each day til they skip a day and then back to normal. The auracaunas are a different story. Pics would help of the pullets and the eggs but if they are true auracauna or if they are EE's (Easter Eggers) is my question. The purple/pink one might be from an EE/Auraucauna.

    The eggs will even out after they get it set in their systems. The color will stay the same (it may darken or lighten over time) but it won't change from like brown to blue or anything like that.

    Hope it helps! Good Luck! Congrats on the eggs! [​IMG]
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    Colors will not change.Eggs will be biger.In cold monts chickens do not lay so often.It depends how worm is the coop and which state you are in.
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    Warmth in the coop isn't a factor, though stress can be, and if they are in a draft on the roost, they are stressed. Number of hours of daylight does: they lay best if they get 14 hours of light a day. Lots of people put a light (can just be a 60W bulb or smaller, or a string of Xmas lights.)

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