Escape goat at Walmart!

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11 Years
Aug 20, 2008
Here's a story for you. A fellow BYC'er offered me 2 Blue Marans pullets. He also was getting rid of some Nigerian Goats to due to the economy.
He offered me a young Nigerian wether. Of course I couldn't say no! Anyway we drove an hour,and half away to pick up the pullets,and goat. We met at the Walmart parking lot. We put the chickens in ,and the goat in the back of the Explorer.We figured my daughter could hold the little 2 month old goat. We've done this before. My husband,and I were talking to the guy outside when the goat apparently jumped over both sets of seats,then out the window My Husband didn't have his window closed. So here we all are chasing this little goat across the Walmart parking lot.Pass the little gas station,and then across a busy highway. Me hollering for him,waving my hands at traffic,and stopping them. hot persuit! lol Then the goat runs into the woods along a river. We went back,and forth several times trying to catch him. My Husband,and I finally got him between us. My Husband reached for him,and the little booger dove into the river with my Husband right after him. My Husband was hollering for us to get over,and help him. I wouldn't let my Daughter go across cause she's not a good swimmer. So I ran back to get the Explorer,and go to the next road to get where my Husband was. The guy that we had gotten the goat off of was already in his vehicle,and was over there ,but had a bad ankle,and decided to go home ,and get the goats Mom in hopes of lureing the little goat back. I ran the FordExplorer through a lumber mill lot, almost got hung up in the gunk once,but was determined to get to where my Husband,and the little goat was. In the mean time the little goat had crossed another river,and was headed up a steep wooded mountain. Did I say steep? My Husband right behind him. Finally the little goat jumped up on a tree someone had cut down. There was a pile of branches too. I guess the goat didn;t think he could jump all the way across the pile of branches,and went down in.When he went to come out the other side my Husband jumped across the pile,and grabbed him. By the time I was making my way through a barbed wire fence,and 4 foot high hay field, he was coming up the cleared access road with the little goat over his shoulder. All I could think of crossing the hayfield to get to them was- I know there must be Anacondas in here! lol He didn't let go of the goat till we were home. I never seen a little goat run that fast in my life. Whew!! My poor Husband had scratches on his face,bumps,and bangs. He said there was no way he was going to leave that little guy out there for something to eat him. Oh I forgot the part where I was baaing like a Made him stop a time ,or 2,but then he would take off running full blast. I imagine alot of people had a good laugh Sunday. It wasn't us. I was worried it would wind up on the news,or something.(hide head) Does this qualify as a family day?

I still can't beleive that happened,but it did!
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You should give him treats everyday so he follows you around (The goat not your husband
). I fool my goat by making grain noises and shaking my hand
PS A collar is recomended!
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We're all laughing about it now.
It was total panic at the time.

My Husband is kindda tough guy,but has a heart of gold
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I guess you had to work for your free goat.. LOL

I would have been a bit mad at the goat.. Worried and embarassed if it happened to me..

But in a few years you will look back at it all and laugh.

Now you need to find a really good name for the goat.. Maybe Speedy.. Highway.. Chance.. Some thing to do with running away..
FrenchHen wrote:Gotta love the "free" goat.
I had one escape and do the Riverdance on the highway a couple of weeks ago

Scarry thing to happen. I understand.

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