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10 Years
Jan 26, 2009
Hi all,

we have recently been letting our 5 hens out of their quite large yard into the main garden during the day when we are home. They always return to roost and mostly don't stray too far. But unfortunately today when we were at work, one of them managed to escape the large yard and I think could not get back in to get to the hen house at roosting time. She has not returned home and we can't find her anywhere.

Would she have found somewhere else to roost (its been quite rainy and cold - about 5-10 C) and will she come home tomorrow?

Ive had a good look round and cant see any evidence of foul play (ha ha) or mis adventure.

In for a worrisome night and cant leave the hen house open in case possums or rats get in.

help or reassurance????
panic over everyone. Its completely dark out but gone to do more investigating and had another look in the old hen house which now stores wood and in the nesting box are too eggs. searched about a bit more and ontop of the wood pile was hiding the naughty bloody hen....

hubby home soon for relocation... may have to keep the yard gate open so all can return even after escaping!!!

sleepy easy tonight!
So glad to hear that all ended well.

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