Establishing a new flock - The intro puzzle


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Oct 12, 2021
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Some roosters will recognize that pullets are too young for mating and will leave them alone, and some will not. You won't know about yours until you introduce him and watch what happens.

If he does bother the pullets by trying to mate with them while they are too young, you will need to separate him again until they grow up. You want him able to interact with the pullets but not hurt them, so a wire mesh divider or a wire crate can work really well.

Once the pullets start getting red combs and squatting, they should be old enough to mate.
Thank you, that is helpful info

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I would pass on the male too, roosters take some experience. And how a rooster is behaving today, is no indication how he will behave tomorrow, especially in a new place. It might work, it might not. What is your plan if it doesn't work, if he becomes aggressive to you or the pullets. Roosters, (as your friends are probably aware of, can be difficult to get rid of).

But it might work, personally, if he is quarantined over there, I would not fret it. Ten to one, you have been to visit, and gone to look at their chickens, later on your own, so more than likely, quarantine has been broken. It is nearly impossible to do an accurate quarantine in small areas, such as backyard set ups.

Do get the chicks outside, and do get a run built, ASAP. I would not add a rooster until the set up is complete and the pullets are laying. At that time, they are ready for a rooster. Adding one earlier can be done in a multi-generational flock, but that is an established flock. Not what you are trying to put together. Patience will stop a lot of problems from happing. And some chicken problems can be ugly.

The best thing would to get over the case of chicken math, where more is better. And wait a year to add any more birds. You and your set up will be ready. Right now, you really don't quite know how your set up will work out, what the problems will be. Integrating is tricky, and some experience with chickens is helpful.

Mrs K


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Feb 15, 2012
I agree with the other postera, Id wait til the pullets are a good 4 or 5 months old before bringing in the rooster personally, if not Id def have a second coop or housing arrangement before you bring him in 🤟

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