Euskal Oiloa/Basque Hen or Rooster?


5 Years
Jun 12, 2014
This is Lemon. I got her/him as a chick about 4 months ago. At first I thought she was definitely a hen but now i'm having second thoughts. If you have any guess please tell me! Thanks!

In the very first picture, I think that I see pointy saddle feathers starting to show. Conformation looks masculine, but I am not 100 % certain that it is a cockerel.
That looks pretty roo-ish to me too. You can check the saddle feathers, located on his back, just in front of his tail.

"normal" with rounded ends = pullet
long and pointy = roo
yeah i looked at him closely and i see saddle feathers and some hackle feathers. He s a very big and heavy and makes deep noises when picked up. He hasn't crowed. Thanks for the help!
Thanks! Oh great another rooster. I have 4 other roosters that where supposed to be hens...

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