Even number vs. odd number of chickens


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
When talking to the local feed store, they told us it was better to have an even number of chicks vs. odd. They said there might be pecking order issue or dominance issue and said they would be more calm if there was an even number of chicks.

We are looking for some clarification on this- doesn't quite add up to us, but we are novices and wanted to ask the more seasoned veterans of raising chickens.

Thanks for your input.
Never ever heard of this.

Now, one chick alone isn't a good idea. Two is okay, but most people say get three in case of a loss. But if you're talking four or more, how on earth are the chickens going to know if there's an odd or even number?

There's going to be a pecking order established regardless of how many you have. Unless you get down to one, then I hope she's the alpha
I've seen various myths posted on this forum about even and odd numbers of chickens or roosters. In my experience, they are pure myth. The personality of the individuals matter. Once you get above one, the numbers don't.
*musing to self*
Huh, with about 29 chickens wandering around, would 28 of them get together and point wings at the 29th, whispering, "That's the ODD one!"
There would probably be the trouble-maker who'd sidle up to this or that chicken to suggest, "No, it's really BETSY, not Miranda!"
I like it... what a great excuse to get another chicken. "But I had to get one more, they are happier in even numbers." lol.
I don't know... my chickens are all paired up. they have a buddy system, and will go off together and look for bugs or dust bathe, or whatever, but generally each bird has a buddy. Simon and kaylee, Inara and mal, Bill and jen, Bert and ernie, miley and Chickadee, etc... our odd number would be our meat bird, who doesn't have a friend... and picks fights right and left..

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