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    Welcome, Royals and Rebels! Welcome to Ever After High! Are you a Royal? Do you want to follow in your parent's footsteps and live happily ever after? Or are you a Rebel? Do you want to rewrite your fairy tale and live happily ever after?

    -Try to be unique with your character. Come up with a unique parent for them. A parent that already doesn't have a child. But if you can't come up with one, you can get help or you can ask me and I will accept your character to be another child of a parent.
    -Every character must be based off a fairy tale. Or at least a story of some sort. Take C.A Cupid for example. She is not based off of a fairy tale, but she is based off of Greek Mythology.
    -Be nice in OOC. There.
    -There will be Canon characters in here, but absolutely no CanonxOC.
    -If you are a Canon character, then please keep to that character's personality.
    -Be serious in the role-play(unless you are mad like Maddie).
    -In relation to the rule above, goof off all you want in OOC.
    -Drama is allowed, but do not go overboard with it.
    -I may or may not say this, but no Mary Sues/Gary Stus.(Definition:perfect character).
    -I may add more rules.
    -If you read the rules, put your favorite After Ever High character in the 'Other' section.

    Science and Sorcery
    General Villainy
    Creative Writing
    Beast Training and Care
    Cooking Class-ic
    Heroics 101
    Kingdom Management
    Wooing 101
    Hero Training

    OC Students and Roomates
    Eira Ice(Daughter of the Snow Queen. Student. Rebel. Roomates with ___)
    Argyle Diamond(Son of the younger sister[Diamonds and Toads]. Student. Royal. Roomates with ___)

    Canon Characters
    Ask to play a canon character!

    Parent/Story they are based off of;;
    ROYAL or REBEL;;
    Name;; Eira Ice
    Gender;; Female
    Age;; 16 years old
    Parent/Story they are based off of;; The Snow Queen
    ROYAL or REBEL;; Rebel
    Classes;; Beast Training and Care, Hexonomics, Grimmnastics, Science and Sorcery, Crownculus, Geografairy
    Crush;; Open, may develop
    Personality;; Eira is a kind and gentle student at Ever After High. She's not exactly like her mother, which may often cause conflicts between them. Eira loves to make many new friends and she apparently has a slight fashion sense. She can be a bit weird sometimes and Eira doesn't really get the concept of jokes and puns. She has a horrible sense of fun, not because she is serious, but because that she(as said before) does not understand the concept of jokes and puns. Also, Eira takes jokes and puns rather seriously and thinks that they are true, which may not make her the brightest student at the school.
    Other;;Read the rules!!! My fave is Madeline Hatter, or Maddie!

    Name;; Argyle Diamond
    Gender;; Male
    Age;; 16 years old
    Parent/Story they are based off of;; Diamonds and Toads. Son of the younger sister.
    Appearance;; A tall 17-year old boy with straight, shoulder-lengthed black hair. He has fair skin and blue eyes. He usually wears a blue coat, but has a tinge of green in it and also wears blue jeans.
    ROYAL or REBEL;; Royal
    Classes;; Kingdom Management, Wooing 101, Grimmnastics, Hero Training, Geografairy, Cooking Class-ic
    Crush;; Open, may develop.
    Personality;; Argyle is a kind young fellow, hence the 'diamond' part of his last name and being the son of the younger daughter in the Diamonds and Toads story. He is a smart student, but very sensitive. Argyle is also a bit frail, both emotionally and physically.
    Other;; Read the rules!!!
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    Wow, did you draw her? Not going to join, but I am a fan of EAH and MH :3
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    Not really. I just found her online, but I would LOVE to draw like that! I'm actually more of a Powerpuff Girls artist. And I understand that you're a fan! Both shows are AMAZING!!!
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    I can draw that style, though i don't do digital ^^'

    I know! And the doll style.. .Gonna PM you to keep your thread from becoming a chat thread XD

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