Ever Free Range your rabbits?


13 Years
Jan 24, 2009
Saint James/ Comfrey MN
A few weeks ago I seeded some alfalfa in one of my chicken runs and we were chatting about how our pet rabbits don't get any exersise (or at least not enough). So yesterday we put Fritz and Fiona in the run. And run they did! They are nibbling on the grass and alfalfa, running around the run (about 15' x20'), and when I did chores this morning, even started digging a burrow!

They are almost 5 years old and don't seem to be interested in breeding anymore. And in fact the last few times we tried breeding fiona she hasn't, umm.... you know.

Anyone try ranging your rabbits? I wonder if they burrow deep enough if they can just stay in there for the winter??
Then my neighbors cat attacked and killed it (it lived throug the attack just got a nasty infection from it)
And I was only 10 feet away weeding my gardens.
Well we did that and they dug a burrow and then they got caved in and so we had to resue them. But I still let them run around in a pen outside. And they love to run around...
Yes they do love to free range, any animal hates a cage! They are more fun to watch when they can dance, leap, forage and play more naturally. Watch them though and perhaps put in a cage at night?? 2 of mine do dig, however they are too dumb to dig OUT at the edges, they only dig in the middle so they don't go anywhere! Stick peices of rebar down in the dirt at the perimeter or staplegun chickenwire so that it curves down on to the ground, or whatever you think to make the area escapeproof. Oh and throw a covered litterbox or wooden box or something out there for a hiding place. Have fun!
I don't recommend total freedom in that area. Maybe a few supervised hours per day?

I used to raise pet rabbits. When I got tired of it, I turned the remainder loose in my yard. They dug so many burrows, under tool sheds, under the fences, etc., that every once in a while I would fall into a hole while mowing, doing yard work. Not fun.

I think a neighborhood kid hit one in the head with a rock too. I found it dead with a big rock nearby and I have no rocks in my yard.


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