Ever had a racoon open a carabiner?

Someone did report here that raccoons could open carabiners. I don't remember what post it was, but I was surprised to find this out because I had been using them. I replaced mine with padlocks.
Mrs.Chickchick, hubby says any latch that a 5 yr. old can open a racoon can open too. When I put the key lock on the coop I had at first just left it with the key in it & then thought better to put the key on a string & tie it to the lock & have it really locked. Racoons are really smart they'll it & figure out a latch if they can.
some coons are smarter than others. my bff has 5 coon pets. one has a padlock on its cage and if you wer to give him the key, he could escape. the others just have eye latch hooks on theirs.
in 100% agreement. If those guys were a little bigger....... We'd have a real problem on our hands.
I would actually use a combination padlock instead. If you use a keyed padlock, give them time and I'll bet that they'll learn how to picklock them.

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