Ever have one of "those" days?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Steve_of_sandspoultry, Mar 31, 2011.

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    IDK, but congrats on that article from TSC!

    Is it called "Out There" Or something? (I'm sorry, I'm awful with publication names, but congrats!!!)
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    Quote:Did you get an article published in TSC Out There?? I am impressed.

    To break your run of one of those days, go buy a lottery ticket. You won't win, but investing a dollar in the redneck retirement account is cheap entertainment. [​IMG]
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    Steve, I've been having one of those days for about a month now. I found out I am losing my job (a job that I love and that I am really good at). If I don't find something else in a timely fashion I will likely lose my house and sweet little farmlet. If I lose the farmlet I will have to move back in with my parents. That means that I and all the dogs, cats and chickens will have a major life change. [​IMG]

    A friend of mine's daddy died this week after a long struggle with cancer. I loved that man and have cried over his death all week. My heart is breaking for my friend as well.

    My parents' dog had to be put down this week. I brought that dog to them as an 8 week old puppy 13 years ago. She was a great dog and will be greatly missed.

    This week at the job I am losing I worked 5pm-midnight on Sunday (7 hours), 11am- 3:30am Monday (16.5 hours), 11am-2:30am on Tuesday (15.5 hours), 11am- 1:30am on Wednesday (14.5 hours) and 11am- 6:30pm tonight (wow, only 7.5 hours). So far this week I have worked a grand total of 63 hours and it is only Thursday. I swear a job where I only have to work 40 hours a week would be a blessing.

    It has been a horrible month. I am ready for better times. I am tired of heartache.
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    Yeah, we've all had those days. (Or weeks) Hope it improves for you Steve.
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    Sticking to a self imposed schedule has gotten me through some of those `weeks/months'. Would forge ahead with as much ersatz enthusiasm as could be mustered; wake up on the front seat of my `65 Chevy Bel Air, reach up on the dash, turn off the Little Ben Alarm clock, and get up and out. The whole `he who bites it this day is safe from the next' philosophy never cut any ice with me.

    Talismans and talk aren't squat. Do and Do and Do and Do some more.

    Pop died this last friday at the age of 80. Great guy but, he retired and `tubed out'. Was probably watching a rerun of some `60's sitcom and suddenly recalling what he should have been doing on that long ago evening when he instead spent the time watching the first run of the show, just as he `switched off' and his being faded to a point at the center of the screen.
    Ma, on the other hand, though she has those 59 years of marriage under her belt and will never hurt for money has already called and gotten her part time job back at a nursery and at a jewelry/coin shop (quit them to care for dad the last few months). Her 5 medically challenged cats require specific intervenions at specific times, etc. - rigid schedules.

    Had one of those `moments', myself, when gathering up info for my writing his obit, down in Georgia, on Monday. Opened up one of his briefcases and found his parent's death certificates along with his hastily written notes about their illnesses and jotted words/prhrases from calls he'd made about their final hospitalizations, in the late `80's, to my mother and I. Alone, at three in the morning, that old mortal feeling washed over me, i.e., `yeah, you, buddy - just another player/candidate in the great chain of nonbeing'. However, by the time I'd gathered up the pertinent forms and made my way back to the computer to winnow out the dates and compass dad's existence in three paragraphs, I was smiling. It could have been worse, I could have turned up some freshly signed and dated marriage certificates.... Que sera, sera

    The reason I'm replying in this thread is that we had an hour, or so, to go through some old shots and one seems relevant to having `days': Here I was `having a day', at one year one month. A mama hen protecting her chicks was doing a better job than was my aunt. Some days are like that but the sunsets on those days aren't any less beautiful.

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    Dude. You need to step outside of yourself and look at what is going on.

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