Ever heard of chickens getting FULL?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by gritsar, Nov 18, 2009.

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Mine apparently are. I made way too many pancakes this morning, so I took about 10 saucer-sized pancakes out to the chooks. They ate like crazy at first. About the time we got to the sixth one though they started walking away. I kept offering, but they were like "no thanks mom, we're good". [​IMG]
    Pancakes only get offered about twice a year, since I don't believe they are the best treat in the world for em. I walked back into the house shaking my head. I didn't know it was possible to fill a chicken up.
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    [​IMG] I didn't think they could get full! I thought they are like teenage boys all they do is eat! [​IMG]
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    I should print that out and show it to my bottomless pits. They eat like there is no tomorrow! I told them this morning I was going to inspect them all for hollow legs!

    I mean they eat EVERYTHING!! I took them out 3 apples and set them on the ground in their run like always. I sat there and watched them....they ate every bit. There was nothing left, not even the core. I was so amazed... I have never seen anything like that lol I know when I take them out hot oatmeal etc, the bowl ALWAYS looks llike they licked it clean cos there is absoloutely nothign at al in the bowl. I could literally put it back on the shelf and no one would know lol

    Funny!!! vvv

    oh about the teenage boys? That reminds me of when my brother was 16 . It was Thanksgiving, and we were doing the usual fixings...turkey, postatoes, gravy, salad, rolls, etc. This was a BIG turkey too...like 25 or so pounds too!! We had plans for leftovers you know! Well, my brother asked if his two friends could come over for dinner, cos they were all alone and didnt have anyone. Sad situation really...that family pretty much up and left them in the house on their own.... but thats another story [​IMG] We said of course they could come and join us...after all we had more than enough food...and they were nice kids. Dinnertime arrives, and there is my mother, myself, my good friend who was staying with us, my dad, my brother and Jamie and Patrick. Now, normally, we would have a ton of leftovers. Like for 2 weeks afterward lol This time...we had nothing. Nada. Zip. My brother and his two friends managed to annihilate everything that was there lol The turkey carcass looked like it was from a cartoon...where the meat is vacuumed off and all that is left is the skeleton? That was the turkey. Those three boys managed to eat all the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, all the rolls, both pies, all the cranberry sauce....and 3 gallons of milk. IIRC all we had left from that was a few lonely little carrots.

    We sat there just OMG at how much they ate. We went to clean up and there was hardly anything TO clean or put away lol We ended up getting another turkey the next day to cook just so we could have sandwiches etc over the next week. Still have no idea WHERE those three put it all...it was a sight to see. We laugh today about how glad the rest of the family was to have gotten some plates first or they wouldnt have gotten any lol And those guys slept for 12 hours after gorging...and woke up starving the next day. Teenage boys.... WOW they can put it away when they try!!
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    Quote:I don't believe it! [​IMG]
  5. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Quote:I don't believe it! [​IMG]

    Apparently it's only a temporary thing. I was just out to the coop to check for eggs and they all came running from across a field, like "Got any sausage to go with those pancakes?"
    Maybe they weren't full this morning. Maybe the pancakes had just turned cold and they dislike cold pancakes or maybe it's cuz I didn't include syrup. [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Mine have filled up on bread before. Picky little fluffy butts!
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